Soda Spice – Elderberry Soda


Delicious Homebrewed Elderberry Soda Spice.
Real soda made with berries and spices like elderberry and juniper berry.

  • Includes: Elderberry Soda Spice Kit + Elderberry Soda Recipe*
  • Makes 64 oz (one half-gallon) of homebrewed Elderberry Soda
  • Made with natural, wildcrafted , & organic ingredients. Just add sugar!

*Recipe requires a Ginger Bug Soda Starter. NOT Included.

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Make your own Elderberry Soda at home!

Our Elderberry Soda Spice is a blend of elderberry, juniper berries, and a hint of citrus. The result is a sweet, refreshing soda that has a subtle earthiness from the Juniper and a splash of lemon to balance it out.  This is the perfect fall/winter soda and a fantastic way to share the health benefits of elderberry with the whole family.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Includes a detailed recipe on how to brew this soda with our Ginger Bug Starter (NOT INCLUDED).
  • Includes all berries & spices. You will need to add sugar.
  • Soda is ready to enjoy in as little as 48 hours, but can be fermented longer for extra fizz
  • Soda-making requires glass swing-top soda bottles (like these).

NOTE: This spice kit is designed to be brewed and fermented using a Ginger Bug Soda Starter. If you already have an active Ginger Bug at home, then you will not need to buy another. 

About This Soda Spice...

"This soda was an accident. I wanted to make a Juniper-flavored soda, but I accidentally spilled some elderberries in the mix and decided to go with it. The "accident" was so delicious that I ditched the Juniper soda in favor of this Elderberry flavor. It's a perfect combination between sweet and earthy. The pine-like background notes of Juniper and the hint of lemon tones down what would have otherwise been an overly berry soda. A truly delicious seasonal treat!"   - Diane Kuthy, Founder.


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