Soda Spice — Classic American Root Beer


The Real Deal! Authentic Homebrewed Vanilla Root Beer Spice Make your own creamy, delicious, authentic vanilla root beer at home with our Classic American Root Beer Soda Spice.  Contains authentic roots and spices like sarsaparilla, birch bark, wild cherry bark, and licorice. 

  • Includes: Root Beer Soda Spice Kit + Root Beer Soda Recipe*
  • Makes 64 oz (one half-gallon) of homebrewed Root Beer
  • Made with natural, wildcrafted , & organic ingredients
  • Just add sugar + vanilla!

*Recipe requires that you have an active Ginger Bug Soda Starter. NOT Included.

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Make your own root beer at home!

Our Root Beer Soda Spice is a blend of authentic roots and spices delicately balanced to create an amazingly smooth, creamy, and addictive take on Classic American Root Beer. This isn't some "herbal" root beer--it's the real deal, authentic, creamy, homebrewed Classic American Root Beer.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Includes a detailed recipe on how to brew this soda with our Ginger Bug Starter (NOT INCLUDED).
  • Includes all roots & spices. You will need to add vanilla extract, sugar, and molasses.
  • Soda is ready to enjoy in as little as 48 hours, but can be fermented longer for a deeper flavor.
  • Soda-making requires glass swing-top soda bottles (like these).

NOTE: This spice kit is designed to be brewed and fermented using a Ginger Bug Soda Starter. Check out our Soda Starter Sets which include Soda Spices and a Ginger Bug Starter.

About This Soda Spice...

"I tried online root beer recipes for months with no success. They were all missing that something that made root beer...well, delicious. Let's be honest, we all know what root beer is supposed to taste like! I wanted something made from authentic roots, but that didn't taste like an "herbal" beverage. The end result is this Classic Root Beer Spice. It's got a classic vanilla creaminess that you'd expect from root beer, with a hint of sarsaparilla and warming spices to brighten it up. It's so perfectly balanced and smooth. Follow the included recipe exactly (adding the vanilla extract, light + dark brown sugars, and molasses) and you'll be hooked. This root beer is like a fine wine---it gets better the longer you let it ferment in the bottle. Creating this spice was a labor of love. I know you're going to love it!"


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