Best Kids Gardening Gloves

Let's face it: at some point, your kids are going to need their own pair of garden and work gloves. From the toddler who just wants to "help" around the garage to the kid looking to earn an allowance doing yard work; gloves are an essential tool for kids of all ages. The kind of kids gardening glove you'll need depends on how you plan to use them. Are these gloves just for fun? Are you looking to keep dirt and grime off the hands during light gardening or do you need thicker work gloves to protect against cuts, scrapes, and splinters from heavier outdoor tasks?

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    If you are buying gardening gloves for fun or dress up, then any kid-friendly gardening glove will work. Tighter fitting gloves and gloves with elastic wristbands are better at keeping dirt out and offer more dexterity. Thicker work gloves made of sturdy materials like leather offer the best protection against sharp objects, but are often bulkier and harder to maneuver in. Striking the right balance between a glove that fits snuggly on a kids hand and a glove that's thick enough to provide adequate protection is the trick to finding a kids gardening glove that actually gets used. 

    It goes without saying that a good pair of kids work gloves should also be sturdy enough to handle outdoor play of all kinds. Many products have fun designs and characters, but fall apart at the seams after just a few uses. To help you choose the right glove for your little one, our gardening experts put together this list of the best kids gardening gloves for a variety of ages and outdoor activities.

    Table of Contents
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      6 Best Kids Gardening Gloves

      Blue and brown kids gardening gloves

      Kids Gardening & Work Gloves Age 3-7


      If you are looking for a protective kids garden glove that runs on the small side, then try these children's work gloves. Made with a stretchy spandex top layer and a synthetic leather palm and fingers, these gloves offer a nice balance between the maneuverability that you would get from a lightweight glove and the protection of a thicker leather garden glove. Great for messy projects because the wrist cuffs are great at keeping dirt out of the glove. Available in sizes 3 to 7 years old. These gloves do run on the smaller side, so size up appropriately.

      Grey kids gardening gloves with orange and black tiger stripe design.

      Animal Print Kids Garden Gloves Age 3-6


      Made from synthetic leather, cotton, and polyester, these tiger stripped gloves are not only kid fun looking, they are durable as well. These glove have a loose fit, so they are best fit for children between the ages of 5-6--although they can be worn by children as young as 3 years old. They are made with a safety wrist cuff and a leather palm for extra protection which makes these a great choice for more rugged outdoor gardening activities. Available in three fun animals prints: zebra print, tiger print, and an alligator print.

      Two pairs of John Deere kids gardening gloves for girls and boys

      Cotton Jersey Kids Gardening Gloves

      John Deere

      A lightweight, snug-fitting pair of kids gardening gloves designed for simple projects around the garden. These John Deere kids gloves are made out of cotton, so they don't provide much injury protection; however, they do a great job at keeping dirt and debris out of the glove. The snug elastic wrist comes up high on the wrist and the glove itself is pretty thick which keeps stains off of the hands. It's not waterproof or water resistant, so these gloves are best reserved for light garden work. Also available in a matching adult pair!

      Pair of stretchy kids gardening gloves with fun monster face design

      Snug Fit Kids Gardening Gloves Age 2-12


      These kids gardening gloves offer a nice snug fit in a range of sizes from ages 2-12 years of age. These are lightweight gloves that are primarily designed to keep dirt off of the hands. They have a tight, stretchy fit which ensures that they will stay in place throughout the gardening activity with needing to readjust. On the plus side, these thinner gloves allow for more maneuverability than a bulkier (but more protective) leather glove. However, the tight fit makes them a touch more difficult to get onto the hands of younger children.

      Pair of yellow leather kids gardening gloves

      Genuine Leather Kids Work Gloves Ages 4-9


      A classic-looking pair of real leather work and garden gloves for kids between the ages of 4 and 9 years old. If you are looking for a pair of gloves that "mimic" the look and feel of real adult work gloves, then these are great. These leather gloves have a high-quality feel and could be a long-lasting pair of gloves with proper care. The fit of these kids gloves is pretty loose with a tight wrist, so sizing down can be tricky. It has a thick, cow-hide like feel that's great for heavier duty tasks.

      Yellow, green, and dark green John Deere kids gardening gloves

      Synthetic Leather Kids Garden Gloves Ages 5-7

      John Deere

      These adorable authentic John Deere kids gardening and work gloves are what farm dreams are made of. They are expertly crafted with synthetic leather, lined on the inside for comfort, and feature a rubberized wrist cuff for added security and safety. These are very protective gloves for kids that will keep thorns, sharp objects, and splinters at bay while still allowing dexterity. The only downside is that these gloves are not waterproof and are not the best fit for muddy or wet garden tasks. Excellent fit and great for children between the ages of 5-7.

      3 Best Kids Gardening Tool Kits with Gloves

      A 10 piece kids gardening tool kit that includes kids gardening gloves, gardening apron, gardening hat, watering can, hand tools, spray bottle, bug catcher and tote.

      Kids 10 Piece Gardening Tool Kit

      Little Wombats

      Looking for an all-in-one kid’s gardening tool kit that really gets the kids involved? This complete 10-piece set includes a gardening apron, sun hat, butterfly catcher, and a set of gardening gloves in addition to the standard shovels, watering can, and totes that other kids gardening sets typically include. It's like gardening and costumes combined! Perfect for younger toddlers and kids as old as 8. This kit is great for actual gardening work or for kids to enjoy an immersive gardening play time. Lots of options for kids to choose from.

      A 7 piece kids gardening tool kit that includes gloves, shovels, handheld rake, watering can, and tote bag

      7 Piece Kids Gardening Tool Kit


      A simple and sturdy gardening tool kit that comes with the basics: a gardening tote, watering can, gloves, and 3 kids gardening tools. It also includes a little book about growing for kids who can read. This set is also made from 100% recycled green plastic. The tote for this kit is quite sturdy and can be used for other outdoor adventures in addition to gardening. The best thing about this kit is that it's simple and portable. It offers just enough tools to keep kids interested without creating a mess or being cumbersome.

      An 8 piece kids gardening tool set with gloves that includes a hoe, rake, and shovel.

      8 Piece Kids Gardening Tool Set


      We were pleasantly surprised by the quality and price of this kid’s garden tool set. This set comes with kids gardening gloves as well as a small and large set of tools including a rake, spade, hoe, and leaf rake made from real wood and steel. These tools are well built and can be used to do yard and garden work without bending or breaking. The steel tools aren't the best option for younger toddlers, but works great for older kids. Your kids will be using these tools for years before needing to upgrade to adult-sized tools.

      Best Gardening Activities for Kids

      Gardening can be a fun and rewarding activity for children of all ages. The best part about gardening is that there are so many kid-friendly activities to choose from. Whether its planting a potted plant, starting a vegetable from seed, taking care of house plants, or simply throwing dirt around in the yard---there are endless things for kids to get involved in. Here are just a few examples of great kids gardening activities:

      • Use a Kid-Friendly Gardening Kit

        Kids gardening kits are fun ways to introduce kids of all ages to the world of plant growth and gardening. Example gardening kit activities include growing a tomato plant from seed, learning about aquaponics, and watching how carrots grow underground through glass.

      • Plant a Butterfly Garden

        Making a butterfly garden is as easy as planting a variety of flower seeds designed to attract a variety of butterfly species. A butterfly garden can be created in the yard or in a large garden pot. Simply plant butterfly friendly seeds (usually available in pre-designed butterfly garden seed packs) according to their instructions and wait for the flowers to bloom and attract butterflies in the Spring. 

      • Grow an Herb Garden From Seed

        Starting a simple window herb garden from seed is an easy and rewarding activity for children. Herbs are very easy plants to grow because they sprout fast and require very little space (many people grow herbs on a spare windowsill). You can get started with as little as some herb seeds and spare jars around the house (or you can buy a pre-existing kids herb growing kit). 

      • Grow a Pumpkin Patch

        What could be more fun than growing a home pumpkin patch and harvesting your own giant pumpkins in the fall? Pumpkins are fairly easy plants to grow, but require a lot of space to spread out. First, choose a sunny location in your yard and then have fun selecting one or more varieties of pumpkin seeds. Plant your seeds in late spring for a fall harvest.

      • Grow Microgreens

        Microgreens are the baby greens of vegetables that are harvested very shortly after germination (7-14 days). This short germination-to-harvest cycle makes growing microgreens a fantastic activity for children. 

      • Start a Vegetable Garden

        Planting and harvesting edible greens & vegetables is a fantastic kids gardening activity. Fun and easy vegetable varieties to add to a children's garden include carrots, radish, lettuce, tomatoes, peas, melons, and pumpkins. 

      • Grow Mushrooms at Home

        Growing mushrooms is a fun and easy activity to do with kids. Mushrooms sprout in less than 12 days and are an interesting plant for kids to watch grow and expand rapidly. The simplest way to grow mushrooms with kids is to buy a mushroom gardening kit which includes an already inoculated substrate medium.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      The easiest plants to grow from seed are microgreens, basil, radishes, lettuce. Fast growing flowers include marigolds, zinnias, sunflowers, and nasturtiums. 

      By: How to Grow Everything

      By: How to Grow Everything

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