Best Kids Gardening Kits & Tools

Gardening can be a fun and rewarding activity for children of all ages. Not only is gardening educational, kids also get to harvest yummy rewards in exchange for their time and energy. Whether its picking a fresh cherry tomato from their home grown plant or watching a beautiful flower bloom on the countertop, there are endless ways for kids to appreciate their gardening accomplishments. Gardening kits designed for kids are an easy way to introduce kids of all ages to gardening. The best kids gardening kits contain everything you'll need to get started (from seeds to soil) with minimal effort. Depending on the product, children as young as 2-3 years old can use a gardening kit. 

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    Unfortunately, not all kids gardening kits are created equally. After reviewing dozens of kids gardening sets, it became obvious that many kits are just not setup for success. Choosing the right kit will help you to avoid things like messy setups, long grow times, lack of materials, broken pieces, failed germination, and overall disappointment with the experience. A great kids gardening kit should be easy to use and come with fast growing seed varieties that boast a high germination rate. This makes it easy for kids to participate and holds their attention as progress happens in a matter of days--not weeks. Check out our list below for gardening sets that work well for children.

    Another great way to introduce kids to the activity of gardening is to simply get them involved in a real garden. Even kids as young as 12 months old can use a shovel to play in the soil. Ideal kids gardening tools include shovels, rakes, trowels, watering cans, and gardening totes. Below, you'll also find a researched list of the best gardening tool kits for children of all ages.

    Table of Contents
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      9 Best Kids Gardening and Planting Kits

      Organic Mushroom Kids Growing Kit

      Back to the Roots

      One of the coolest gardening kits for kids. This kit includes everything you'll need to grow and harvest oyster mushrooms right on your kitchen counter. This kit is especially fun for kids because it requires a simple daily task (spritzing the medium with water daily) and the mushrooms grow very fast (in about 10 days). During those 10 days, kids will get to watch these mushrooms sprout from the medium and transform into large disk-shaped plants bursting from the box. The kit also comes with educational information on mushrooms and how they grow.

      Kids Indoor Gardening Kit

      Green Toys

      A simple, sturdy, and fun indoor gardening kit for kids that includes 3 recycled plastic pots and pot stand, a trowel, 3 large soil disks, and 3 packs of seeds including zinnia, basil, and sunflower. These "green" plastic pots are great for kids as they won't break like glass should there be an accident. The flowers and herb seeds germinate at different rates and grow into decently tall plants that a young gardener can be proud of. A perfect starter set for beginner gardeners that can be reused over and over again each season.

      Self-Watering Tomato Growing Kit

      Back to the Roots

      This self-watering tomato growing gardening kit is a great and low-maintenance way to engage kids in gardening. The kit comes with a large mason jar already pre-filled with soil and a self-watering clay olla pot buried inside. To use, all you have to do is plant the seed in the jar, moisten the soil, and fill up the olla pot. The olla pot helps to keep the soil moistened so you don't have to constantly think about watering the tomatoes. Once the plant blooms flowers (within 30 days of germination) kids can watch the tomatoes grow and eat the rewards.

      Kids Microgreen Growing Kit


      Microgreens are beautiful and delicious young plant shoots that germinate and can be harvested within 10 days. The speed and simplicity of this microgreen kit makes it a great hobby project for a kid. To use, all you have to do is fill the provided container with water up to a fill line, add the seed mat to the tray, and wait for the microgreens to sprout--easy! Within a few days, the sprouts will start to burst out of their growing medium and be ready to harvest just a few days later.

      Lavender or Sunflower Gardening Kit

      Back To The Roots

      A complete kids garden kit that comes with a mason jar pre-filled with the perfect soil for growing sunflowers or lavender, select flower seeds, instruction card, and it even includes two fertilizer stakes. The instructions are clearly stated and easy to follow. Only takes a few minutes to get started. The only downside for kids is that these flowers can take between 2-4 weeks for seeds to germinate; thus, it may lose the attention of a less interested kid. The blooming flowers that the kids grew themselves make great gifts from child to parent.

      Herbs in the Burbs Garden Kit

      Garden Republic

      We like this garden kit for kids because it comes with a variety of different herbs (cilantro, parsley, thyme, and basil) and a handy storage container to keep everything in one place. Includes 4 types of herb seeds, harvesting clippers, 4 pots, 4 wooden plant labels, and 4 soil disks. The kit is well merchandized and makes a beautiful looking gift. The only downside of this kit is it doesn't contain enough soil to continue growing the plants long-term; thus, you'll eventually have to add more potting soil to the pots as the plants grow.

      Self-Cleaning Fish Tank Gardening Kit

      Back to the Roots

      Teach your kids about aquaponics, gardening, and fish care with this all-in-one kit. This is a premier aquaponic ecosystem that makes the perfect gift for kids. This kit includes everything you'll need to get started except the fish itself -- microgreen seeds, grow stones, water treatment packets, as well as fish food and a coupon for a fish. The downside of this product is that it is not as easy to setup and use as some of the other kits on this list, it's expensive, and it requires electricity and may not be a good fit for younger kids.

      Terrarium Kids Gardening Kit

      Back to the Roots

      A bright and colorful kids grow kit that sprouts edible microgreens in as little as 7 days. The kit itself is very kid friendly! It comes with everything you'll need to get started: a glass mason jar, colorful growing medium, plant seeds, instructions, and even glow-in-the -dark decorative stickers for kids. The colorful growing medium allows for kids to watch the development of the root system and can be layered to create fun sand effects. Harvesting the greens is easy and they can be used in salads, smoothies, sandwiches, or simply eaten straight from the garden.

      Grow-A-Maze Science Gardening Kit


      The most entertaining grow kit for kids that we've reviewed. This kit includes a vertical planter setup as well as a magnifying glass for kids to take a closer look at the plant and root system. It does not include soil or the bean seeds required to get started--so make sure to add that to your shopping list. Great for a classroom or homeschool setting. On the negative side, assembly can be a little tricky and the product is on the cheaper side, so prepare for this to be a one-time use gardening kit.

      5 Best Kids Gardening Tool Kits

      An eco-friendly green and yellow kids gardening tool kit that includes two hand tools and a watering can.

      Kids Watering Can Kit

      Green Toys

      Made in the USA out of 100% recycled plastic, this kid’s gardening tool kit is super sturdy and can take a beating during outdoor play time. The watering can is a great size for a toddler to manage while also being useful for children a little older who want more realistic play. The kit comes with a watering can, a rake, and a shovel all made from the same material. The tools are large and lightweight, yet incredibly sturdy. Can be used by children in a real garden or just pretend.

      A four piece kids gardening tool kit made of wood and steel that includes a rake, hoe, shovel, and hard rake.

      Kids 4 Piece Garden Tool Set

      G&F Products

      We were pleasantly surprised by the quality and price of this kid’s garden tool set. This set comes with a rake, spade, hoe, and leaf rake all made from real wood and steel. These tools are well built and can be used to do yard and garden work without bending or breaking. The steel tools are not the best option for younger toddlers, but works great for older kids. Your kids will be using these tools for years before needing to upgrade to adult-sized tools.

      A green, yellow, and black John Deere brand kids steel wheel barrow.

      Kids Steel Wheelbarrow

      John Deere by TOMY

      One of our favorite kids gardening tools! This John Deere steel wheelbarrow is the real deal for kids who love the outdoors. It's well constructed, somewhat lightweight (9lbs), and feels super strong. The bucket itself is shallow and the handles have hand grips which allow for kids as young as 2 years old to use it with ease. We couldn't find an official weight limit for the product; however, we wouldn't advise overloading this product with heavy items as it may become too difficult for younger children to manage. All in all, it’s an authentic replica John Deere wheelbarrow.

      A 10 piece kids gardening tool kit that includes kids gardening gloves, gardening apron, gardening hat, watering can, hand tools, spray bottle, bug catcher and tote.

      Kids 10 Piece Gardening Tool Kit

      Little Wombats

      Looking for an all-in-one kid’s gardening tool kit that really gets the kids involved? This complete 10-piece set includes a gardening apron, sun hat, butterfly catcher, and a set of gardening gloves in addition to the standard shovels, watering can, and totes that other kids gardening sets typically include. It's like gardening and costumes combined! Perfect for younger toddlers and kids as old as 8. This kit is great for actual gardening work or for kids to enjoy an immersive gardening play time. Lots of options for kids to choose from.

      A 7 piece kids gardening tool kit that includes gloves, shovels, handheld rake, watering can, and tote bag

      7 Piece Kids Gardening Tool Kit


      A simple and sturdy gardening tool kit that comes with the basics: a gardening tote, watering can, gloves, and 3 kids gardening tools. It also includes a little book about growing for kids who can read. This set is also made from 100% recycled green plastic. The tote for this kit is quite sturdy and can be used for other outdoor adventures in addition to gardening. The best thing about this kit is that it's simple and portable. It offers just enough tools to keep kids interested without creating a mess or being cumbersome.

      Easiest Plants for Kids to Grow

      Growing and nurturing plants can be a rewarding activity for kids. With the right expectations and preparation, kids can easily get wrapped up in the daily care of their plants. However, not all plants are ideal for children. Many colorful edibles and vegetables can take months to harvest and require great patience to grow. The best plants for kids are those that are easy to plant, have a high success rate, germinate quickly, and offer a rewarding harvest. Here are a few great plant options for kids:

      An excited child harvesting a large carrot from the garden
      • Microgreens

        Microgreens are baby greens that are harvested very shortly after germination (7-14 days). This short germination-to-harvest cycle makes growing microgreens a fantastic activity for children. 

      • Mushrooms

        Growing mushrooms is a fun and easy activity to do with kids. Mushrooms sprout in less than 12 days and are an interesting plant for kids to watch grow and expand rapidly. The simplest way to grow mushrooms with kids is to buy a kit that includes an already inoculated substrate medium.

      • Radishes

        Radishes are great vegetables for kids because they can be harvested in as little as 3-4 weeks after planting. In addition to being a fast growing veggie, there are many radish varieties offering a range of different colors, shapes, and sizes for kids to experience. 

      • Carrots

        A good carrot harvest is well worth the effort and patience. Carrots take about 10 weeks to reach maturity and be ready for harvesting. They require about 12 inches of loose soil for their tasty roots to have space to grow, temperatures between 55-75 degrees, partial sunlight and they are best planted in the spring and fall. 

      • Lettuces & Greens

        Growing lettuce and greens is a great way to introduce kids to growing their own food. Lettuces germinate quickly and can be harvested at various stages of their growth cycle (from baby lettuce to mature leaves). Greens can be easily grown in pots indoors where kids can nibble on the greens as they please. 

      • Herbs

        Herbs are another easy-to-grow indoor garden plant for kids. Herbal plants don't take up a ton of space--in fact, many herbs (such as basil, cilantro, and parsley) can flourish in smaller windowsill and counter-top pots. They are fast to germinate and are ready for kids to begin harvesting in just a few short weeks.

      • Flowers

        Growing flowers can be a rewarding experience for both parent and child. The kids get the satisfaction of growing a beautiful flower from seed while the parents reap the rewards of fresh cut flowers. Depending on the variety, flowers can germinate & bloom quickly in the right environment.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      The easiest plants to grow from seed are microgreens, basil, radishes, lettuce. Fast growing flowers include marigolds, zinnias, sunflowers, and nasturtiums. 

      By: How to Grow Everything

      By: How to Grow Everything

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