About Us

We are gardeners with a passion for sharing knowledge with the world. The mission of How to Grow Everything is to organize expert gardening advice into easily understandable guides. Our team leverages years of personal gardening experience along with the invaluable knowledge of Master Gardeners, homesteaders, and farmers to create comprehensive, yet accessible how-to guides for plants and gardening products.


All of our articles, guides, and product reviews follow our content philosophy:

Expert Advice

Easy to use guides would be useless without accurate and helpful gardening information. We are real gardeners and farmers who have grown and cared for hundreds of varieties of vegetables, fruits, houseplants and berries on our 5 acre farm. 

Organized Information

Our goal is to deliver complex gardening information in an accessible and organized way. Complete information in an easy-to-reference guide.

Honest Opinions

How to Grow Everything is completely self-funded. Our guides and reviews are based on real experiences. We do not have advertising partners nor do we offer reviews for hire. 

Fresh Content

Our how to grow guides and product reviews are updated annually to reflect the latest trends, product availability, and gardening strategies available. Bookmark your favorite articles and you'll always have the best growing advice at your fingertips.

Hi. Getting into gardening?

"I've been planting seeds and watching them grow since childhood. There is nothing more satisfying than eating a meal grown & harvested from your own backyard or windowsill. Whether you are gardening as a hobby or as a way of life, I hope that you find our gardening guides helpful on your journey. "


Diane K.
Co-Founder, H2GE